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A mobile earth friendly shop dedicated to  - 
reducing our community's plastic footprint
one bottle at a time!

The Green Road Mission

So many of us want to live a greener life but need to be steered in the right direction.  This path to earth-conscious living has to be clear and convenient.  Green Road Refill’s mission is to help pave the way to a more sustainable lifestyle for our customers.  Green Road offers a mobile retail and refill experience that promotes ethically and earth-conscious products for a better body, home, and planet.  Traveling from one Cape Cod town to the next we believe we can make a difference by reducing our communities “plastic foot print” one bottle at a time.  The idea is simple - it’s a mobile bulk refill shop that travels from town to town.  You buy one of our refillable bottles (or bring your own) and fill up with everything from all natural shampoo and lotions to household cleaning products – and they are all eco-friendly!  Additionally, our mobile store offers other earth-friendly products  from stainless steel straws to bamboo toothbrushes, kitchen gadgets, alternatives to plastic wrap, and eco conscious cleaning supplies such as mops, brooms and sponges.  By offering these necessities everyone uses on a daily basis, customers have a convenient way to shop, and feel good about where their dollar is being spent. Our community wants to do better for our earth and Green Road Refill will help drive Cape Codders towards making that positive change!  

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Covid-19 Update

March 21st

OK you green roaders, we can do this! We’re making deliveries. It’s a little different than what you’re used to, but we’ll make it work! 

First off, I hope this finds you in good spirits and healthy. We CAN do this, and we’ll get through it together. So here we go: 


Starting on Monday, March 23rd I will begin the deliveries - you can put in a delivery order starting right now with me via email, social media message, text or phone call. Everything we sell - from bamboo toothbrushes and sponges to refill products - are available for delivery. See a list of our products on the About/Menu page on this website


I want to make the deliveries quick and easy for you! So for refill products, please let me know the ounce quantity that you need when you order. I will pre-fill bottles that I have been collecting and will deliver them to you. You can then transfer the products into your own bottles. 


When my delivery bottles are empty, you can 1) bring them back to me at a pop up or market (which would be ideal), 2) leave them for me to pick up at the next delivery, or 3) reuse or recycle them on your own. You could also purchase one of my glass or aluminum bottles already filled - I have 4oz. 8oz. and 16oz. with pumps and sprays available. 


Before my arrival, we will have confirmed the payment type and the total, including tax and a small delivery charge between $3-$5 depending on your location. These deliveries will be quick, simple stops on your front porch or step! 


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I am wishing you all strength and hope -

may health and happiness be with you and yours!





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