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A mobile earth friendly shop dedicated to 
 reducing Cape Cod's plastic footprint!

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We are smiling behind these masks because Green Road Refill received the 2020 C.A.R.E for the Cape and Islands Stewardship award!

The Green Road Mission

Ways to Stay Green Durning
The Pandemic


Say no to Bottled water!  It’s so bad on so many levels - bring your own glass or aluminum with you - keep one filled in your car at all times and if you really have to buy bottled water buy the biggest one you can. Individual bottled water does so much damage to our environment. Click the Link below to learn more about bottled water.


Shop Local - support small  businesses in your community - they’re suffering right now.  Whether it’s a farm stand or your local farmers market - eating in season and shopping local reduces your carbon footprint and helps your community! Also before ordering something on Amazon ask yourself if there is a local small business that might carry it instead.


Get Cooking - Get Composting!

When you adopt a whole foods plant based diet it not only has amazing benefits for your health & it also reduces waste in packaging and processing but it also gives you plenty of energy rich material for composting!. Reducing food waste is so important - & composting is a great solution! Use those food scraps to feed your garden.


Buy in Bulk - The bigger the better! This not only saves you money but saves landfills from tons of packaging.


Power Down - keeping electronics in stand by mode sucks energy especially when left on overnight. Switch to LED light bulbs & invest in power strips.  Turn off lights when not in a room.


Get a free home energy audit - The Cape Light Compact offers free audits virtually at this time and there are many 0% interest state incentives you may qualify for to weatherize your home.  


Conserve water - invest in rain barrels to water gardens & lawns

Don’t let the water run while washing dishes use a dish bucket - use your dishwasher on a regular basis if it’s energy star rated it conserves way more water than washing by hand.

Defrost freezer foods ahead of time in the fridge rather than running water over them in the sink Only put the amount of water you need in your kettle - it will take less time and energy to boil When brushing  your teeth don’t let the faucet run

So many of us want to live a greener life but need to be steered in the right direction. Green Road Refill’s mission is to help pave the way to a more sustainable lifestyle for our customers.  Green Road offers a mobile retail and refill experience that promotes ethically and earth-conscious products for a better body, home, and planet.  Traveling from one Cape Cod town to the next we believe we can make a difference by reducing our community's“plastic footprint” one bottle at a time.  Bring your own bottle or container from home, purchase one of out glass or aluminums on site or pick a free one out of our donation basket. Try a little or fill up a whole bottle - we have over 40 plant based products from shampoo and lotion to dish soap and laundry detergent. Additionally, our mobile store offers other zero waste products like stainless steel straws, bamboo toothbrushes, earth friendly self care products, beeswax wraps, eco conscious cleaning supplies such as mops, brooms and sponges and much more!  By offering these necessities everyone uses on a daily basis, customers have a convenient way to shop, and feel good about where their dollar is being spent. Our community wants to do better for our earth and Green Road Refill will help drive Cape Codders towards making that positive change!  


Reduce Air Conditioning - no sub-zero temperatures - you shouldn’t want to wear a hoodie in your house in the summer.  Draw curtains & blinds when you're not home to keep the home cooler on your return.


Greenify your lawn and garden - 

Stay away from chemical lawn services, invest in rain barrels, use  only organic fertilizers, plant native plants and grasses, create a bee & butterfly garden sanctuary. 


Use your time for education and action - watch some environmental documentaries, find a blog, or website to educate yourself on an environmental issue or effort that interests you.  There are so many organizations to support.


REUSE! - before you buy new ask yourself - Can I buy used?  The upcycle culture is huge-  whether it’s Pinterest, Etsy, your local swap shop, or thrift store (when they open)  get some creative ideas and go to town!


Reduce Your Plastic Footprint.

Get yourself a cutlery pouch - a fork, spoon, knife, & straw - keep  it in your car, backpack, or purse and be sure to let restaurants know you won't be needing the single-use.  Switch out things in your kitchen and bath:

Plastic wrap for beeswax wraps, Plastic baggies for reusable silicone ones

Plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one.  There are so many alternatives out there!


Clothes Line Dry -

to conserve & get the original “fresh breeze scent”.   Using the cold water cycle to wash your clothes also helps conserve energy.


Replace Appliance Filters - now if you find you have the time - check out your vacuum, humidifier, water filters, clothes washer by replacing filters you enhance performance and efficiency of your appliances.

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